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The journey of fullfilment begins with awareness...

Why Did I Start Coaching?

In the late summer of 2019, I was asking questions about life, the meaning of existence, the existence of humanity, and its journey, and I could not find answers to my questions. Where was I standing in the business life? Was this place where I wanted to be?  Where was I with my family and friends? Where was I in my relationship with myself? Was that a midlife crisis?

During a session with Şeyla Sensino for my family constellation studies, I realized that I
had a very serious blockage. She told me about Jungian Coaching, which she thought
would help me clear this blockage. In this way, I started my awareness journey with Avi Goren Bar's Jungian Coaching School in October 2019. I am still searching for answers to the questions I shared above, and I will continue to do so.


 The beautiful thing is the journey itself. Being able to coach, helping people in terms of raising awareness throughout their journey is a significant part of this journey.

My Story

I went to primary school in Turkey, a secondary school in England, and high school in Canada. Then, I got my Bachelor of Science (BA, Economics) degree from the University of Western Ontario, and had a Master of Science degree (MBA, Business Administration) from Wilfrid Laurier University, again in Canada.

I started my working life at the age of 16 with textile production in the summers. During the summer periods of my undergraduate, I did an internship in a foreign bank. When I finished university, I came back to İstanbul. For more than 35 years, I have worked as a partner andmanager in the Real Estate Investment, Civil Engineering, Retail, Informatics, Leather Accessory Manufacturing sectors. My works have enabled me to gain experience in various
countries such as Germany, Romania, Ukraine, and Egypt, besides Turkey

Apart from coaching, I am an angel investor and startup mentor. I am married and have two daughters. I have a good command of English, in addition to Turkish, which is my native language. I still keep trying to learn the human language.

Jungian Coaching

Our unconscious is not just comprised of our own subconscious, the facts that we forget and push into the subconscious.

The knowledge coming from our collective subconscious, the common heritage of humanity, is also one of the elements that build it.

Jungian Coaching is a coaching approach that examines human problems and the issues sought for solutions from the perspective of the famous therapist Carl Gustav Jung. Jung propounds that our existence has two dimensions, conscious and unconscious.

Coaching Sessions


Executive Manager

Team / Relationship

‘‘I am not what happened to me,

I am what I choose to become’’

Carl G. Jung

Where Are You in Your Life?

I'm having trouble communicating with my daughter. I see myself quite far from her
world. How should I approach her? What do I need to change about myself? My mother
still interferes with my life. I'm struggling to draw my boundaries.

I see that I am obstructed in my work. My supervisor frequently criticizes me in front
of my colleagues. I want to talk to him/her about this but I don't know where to start. My wife and I are always arguing about trivial matters. S/he doesn't understand me, or I
cannot express myself properly. I offered him/her together consulting a family coach.
S/he does not accept. How do I persuade her/him?

I have handed over my family business to my children, but they cannot manage it
the way I request. I want to intervene, I want to tell them about their mistakes, but they
are totally excluding me. I'm sad... There are so many things I haven't done... Am I late?

I'm about to finish university, I don't know how to jump into life? I'm so confused
between the options. I always argue with my father. He interferes with everything. He is
not aware that I get away from him as it continues in this way. But I don't want it to be
like this. What should I do?

I have come to a very important point in my relationship. But I cannot see the future.
I don't know what to do... I am angry with everyone. I always become the one who
loses. I'm tired... I want to make a change in my career path. Where should I start? I
don't know if I should do this?

Life passed so quickly, I feel like I have missed something. I have difficulty naming
this feeling. How can I name it? I feel like my son is getting away from me. I have
problems with his wife. We can't make a living. What should I do?

How does the society I live in see me? I don't want to keep up with this change. I'm
getting more and more lonely, will I die alone?



Dear Mehmet,

The private conversations we had with you created an incredible relief for me. My pessimistic state is gone, it gave an incredible positive energy.


I very much hope to see you again soon. 


We have been doing coaching activities together with dear Mehmet since February 2020.


The fact that he graduated from two different coaching schools helped me tremendously in terms of the coaching sessions I received. Thanks to his knowledge, experience, meeting with me at the same time and emotion, and the strong questions he asked, he allowed me to hold a mirror to myself on this journey we embarked on together.


He's definitely a good listener, an expert in uncovering the root cause, and a great coach who encourages….

I would like to thank Mehmet for his support in drawing boundaries, finding myself, and remembering how valuable I am.

Human Resource Manager

(International Corporation)

I have never felt so safe anywhere during our journey with Mehmet Edin. The confidence that he was by my side with sincerity and wisdom as I went deeper was an invaluable experience for me. I have repeatedly asked how I got so lucky, and I am grateful not only for myself, but also for the hundreds and thousands of people who have indirectly benefited.


In addition to being calm and a good listener, he is a guide that can touch the heart.

Entrepreneur, Sport Complex Owner (Trainer)

Meeting with Mehmet Bey was very coincidental and it was a turning point for me.

I didn't even realize I needed coaching like this before. I was a woman who saw herself as very strong but could not face her fears in her inner journey. It made me learn to love the darkness of my past, the people I was afraid of but could not face, my refusal to use the main name that I did not like, my self, even my weaknesses, and that they were me.


The main strength is not that external upright posture, that not crying is not equivalent to looking strong; In fact, I realized that to end one's self and to have the courage to face the truth will represent real power. I don't think I can describe the joy of holding a mirror to myself with every conversation we had with Mr. Mehmet, and then feeling proud while looking at the reflection of this mirror over time.

Executive Assistant (Mother of Three)

In two sessions, he managed to help me to solve a very important family matter that weighted on me for decades!!!

Self- Employment


Thanks to the work I have done with my dear Mehmet, I have become more effective in making decisions in my business life and perhaps in all areas of my life. I have improved my ability to determine my priorities more clearly in the balance of emotion and logic, as I prefer, and to eliminate things that will not happen faster. This way I feel happier, clearer and better overall.


And as a bonus, I got a very reliable and wonderful friend.


(Family Business Consultant)

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Sana Ne Katar?

Ekiplerinizin ve çalışanlarınızın daha iyi çalışmasını kolaylaştırın

Karar verme süreçlerinde lider olarak kendinize yardımcı olun

Yönetici olarak kendinizi güçlendirin

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Farkındalık seviyenizi artırın

Karşılıklı olarak bilinmeyen alana güvenli bir şekilde gidin

After the coaching work we did with Mehmet Edin, I realized that the thoughts and behaviors that I had problems in my life and that were pulling me back gradually decreased. It was a very good coaching work to change myself and my perspective and to realize myself. Especially when emotions such as stress and anxiety were at a level that would affect my life, thanks to the coaching work we did with Mehmet Edin, my life started to progress more positively.

University Student

A close friend offered me to sign up / volunteer for a coaching trial she was involved with. With little or no idea of what I was signing myself up for, I decided to embark upon the journey and let destiny guide me.

Finding myself at a crossroads, I was in despair, seeking guidance to unknot the hitches of life I was entangled in.

The trial commenced and despite some technical hiccups, we are on track. Once again destiny had ‘her’ say, the process stalled and I was assigned a new coach.

Mehmet Edin, with a ”can-do" attitude, was a ray of sunshine bursting in. With robust, no-nonsense insights and challenges that forced me to think and dig deep. The process was

pragmatic, to the point, succinct, and loaded with common sense.

The guidance and direction I was offered proved invaluable, nurturing a new framework of

thinking which both surprised me and exceeded my expectations.


Without any hesitation, a highly recommended journey.


Dear Mehmet opened a door that I never knew in my life. During my coaching adventure with him, I had the chance to meet many of my self that I had not noticed before.


It broadened my perspective and gave me courage. His presence, active listening, powerful questions, and the multiple tools he used helped me get out of here and contributed to my transformation.


Good luck to you, Mehmet, thank you very much for your belief in me and the environment of trust you have provided in this transformation journey, your professional depth and sincerity.

Senior Human Resource


Your life is a precious gift... An adventure full of mystery and wonder...

What if you could use it to its full potential?


“Everything starts with a decision.”

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