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"Join me on my transformation journey"


Creating a collaborative environment through open communication and mutual understanding is a critical process. But how can you establish and maintain team cohesion despite constantly changing dynamics?

Listen and observe…

The chemistry of success is quite complex. Unfortunately, sharing the success is much more difficult than it seems. Because we adopt certain social scenarios that make us uneasy with the idea of being successful. The first step to achieve the necessary unity is communication activities based on listening and observation. The process we aimed at in team transformation represents harmony, responsibility, choices, and the distribution of roles.

Trust and Respect…

Don't the newcomers to the team have equal rights to share their thoughts with those who have joined earlier? Of course, they have. It is important not to ignore the fact that each individual is on that team because of their contribution. But beyond that, being a team requires much more than that. These are processes that take time to shape, nurture and train. How can you gain the trust and respect of your team?


Relationship coaching programs are designed for couples, business partners, or friends who desire to build and maintain positive connections. Relationships are one of the major parts of our lives. Whether it's meetings or lifelong partnerships, we make different connections with people in every period of our lives. While the differences and disagreements are a regular part of the relationship, you can have successful partnerships as long as you have good communication and conflict resolution skills.

Identifying problems...

Sometimes it may be difficult to admit that there is a problem at first glance, especially when one of the individuals denies it. Identifying the problems is the first step to sustain the relationship and strengthen communication among individuals.

Considering solution approaches….

When you encounter a problem, how do you try to solve it? Do you let it overwhelm you, or, by strengthening your problem-solving skills, do you find the best solution?

Improving communication….

If you understand where your difficulties stem from, you will feel closer to each other, and it will become easier for you to communicate and resolve conflicts without frustration and anger.

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Where Are You in Your Life?

I'm having trouble communicating with my daughter. I see myself quite far from her
world. How should I approach her? What do I need to change about myself? My mother
still interferes with my life. I'm struggling to draw my boundaries.

I see that I am obstructed in my work. My supervisor frequently criticizes me in front
of my colleagues. I want to talk to him/her about this but I don't know where to start. My wife and I are always arguing about trivial matters. S/he doesn't understand me, or I
cannot express myself properly. I offered him/her together consulting a family coach.
S/he does not accept. How do I persuade her/him?

I have handed over my family business to my children, but they cannot manage it
the way I request. I want to intervene, I want to tell them about their mistakes, but they
are totally excluding me. I'm sad... There are so many things I haven't done... Am I late?

I'm about to finish university, I don't know how to jump into life? I'm so confused
between the options. I always argue with my father. He interferes with everything. He is
not aware that I get away from him as it continues in this way. But I don't want it to be
like this. What should I do?

I have come to a very important point in my relationship. But I cannot see the future.
I don't know what to do... I am angry with everyone. I always become the one who
loses. I'm tired... I want to make a change in my career path. Where should I start? I
don't know if I should do this?

Life passed so quickly, I feel like I have missed something. I have difficulty naming
this feeling. How can I name it? I feel like my son is getting away from me. I have
problems with his wife. We can't make a living. What should I do?

How does the society I live in see me? I don't want to keep up with this change. I'm
getting more and more lonely, will I die alone?

‘‘I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become’’
Carl G. Jung
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