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"Join me on my transformation journey"

Personal coaching sessions that will make you feel a real mental transformation on the way to taking positive success-oriented actions in your career, education, and social life are designed for those who believe in change. Depending on your request, we will be able to conduct our sessions face-to-face or online.

In order for the sessions to be successful on the way to transformation, I sincerely recommend that you continue for at least four sessions

The journey of happiness begins with awareness…

Self-awareness is the ideal way to jumpstart your journey to come into being. Even if we struggle to understand others, manage ourselves, and develop healthy relationships without adequate self-awareness, accepting that we are unceasingly changing, like the world around us, and opening ourselves to improvement is the first step of this process.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes…

Taking responsibility as soon as you believe in yourself eliminates the fear factor in both your successful and unsuccessful actions. The barriers between realizing, learning, and achieving and your disappointments disappear, when you are free from your fears. Holding the keys to your life encourages you to explore yourself beyond the framework in which the others define you.


Everything is in your hands…

By putting aside all your inhibitive beliefs about yourself, increasing your self-confidence, and discovering your true self may be the most painful processes of your transformation. However, at the end of this process, you will have learned to be there for yourself, to live with boundaries and values without needing much external approval. Most importantly, you will have discovered how to articulate the difference between your opinions and preferences.

Long-term results are worth it...

Blaming others is, unfortunately, as destructive as it feels relieving. Breaking this habit could be the process that requires the most patience and practice for you. While it may be difficult at first to take full responsibility for our actions, be sure the long-term outcome would be worth the challenge, as with anything worthwhile.

Focus on the solution, not the problem...

Why can't we describe the problems we face in the best way? Essentially, the most effective thing we can do is to see more clearly, understand our role in solving the problem, and take action for the necessary steps that will result in the achievement of the ultimate goal. No matter how big or small the problem is, focusing on solutions will significantly help you stay positive and motivate those around you.

Challenging your limits…

Almost no one wants to leave their comfort zone since it can be stressful and sometimes a little scary. Whether we accept this as a kind of fear of change or the unknown, it is a fact that we all have areas that we are uncomfortable with facing. Don't you want to learn how you can turn your fears into opportunities in this transformation where stability and passion play the leading roles?


Time to roll up your sleeves...

See life as a theater… There are theater plays that are constantly being played in this theater… Do you want to be the one watching these plays? Or is it a player in the game? If you're watching: Do you want to be the critic of the game? Or who enjoys watching the game? Or …If you are an actor: Want a lead role? Or is it extra? Or …. You are the one to decide… the rest will be lived in your own way…

Are you ready to change your life?
Your First Appointment is Gift in Personal Transformation Journey Coaching

Where Are You in Your Life?

I'm having trouble communicating with my daughter. I see myself quite far from her
world. How should I approach her? What do I need to change about myself? My mother
still interferes with my life. I'm struggling to draw my boundaries.

I see that I am obstructed in my work. My supervisor frequently criticizes me in front
of my colleagues. I want to talk to him/her about this but I don't know where to start. My
wife and I are always arguing about trivial matters. S/he doesn't understand me, or I
cannot express myself properly. I offered him/her together consulting a family coach.
S/he does not accept. How do I persuade her/him?

I have handed over my family business to my children, but they cannot manage it
the way I request. I want to intervene, I want to tell them about their mistakes, but they
are totally excluding me. I'm sad... There are so many things I haven't done... Am I late?

I'm about to finish university, I don't know how to jump into life? I'm so confused
between the options. I always argue with my father. He interferes with everything. He is
not aware that I get away from him as it continues in this way. But I don't want it to be
like this. What should I do?

I have come to a very important point in my relationship. But I cannot see the future.
I don't know what to do... I am angry with everyone. I always become the one who
loses. I'm tired... I want to make a change in my career path. Where should I start? I
don't know if I should do this?

Life passed so quickly, I feel like I have missed something. I have difficulty naming
this feeling. How can I name it? I feel like my son is getting away from me. I have
problems with his wife. We can't make a living. What should I do?

How does the society I live in see me? I don't want to keep up with this change. I'm
getting more and more lonely, will I die alone?

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