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"Join me on my transformation journey"

Confidentiality Agreement

Below you can find the agreement we will make before starting the coaching work:

My Perspective on Coaching
Coaching is a process that includes solution-oriented interviews aimed at enabling individuals to discover themselves by believing in their actual potentials, to set their goals, to be aware of their options, to create new possibilities, and to progress in line with their goals.
People who receive coaching, in other words, coachees, become complete and whole over time. These people have the potential to consciously and  intentionally take responsibility for their lives.
Coaching Process

Each coaching session lasts between 40 and 60 minutes. After the the exploratory session, we will reach a decision about our total number of meetings by a reciprocal conversation.


The first meeting will be a kind of “discovery and design meeting”. Before this session, I would like you to answer the questions on the preparation form and send it to me. In this meeting, where I try to get to know you, I aim to design the entire process of coaching interviews, vision, and goals.


Our coaching meetings can be ONLINE or FACE TO FACE


For me, it is convenient to reschedule our meeting whenever you need. However, I would be grateful if you could inform me about that at least 24 hours earlier. On the other hand, I would prefer to be informed of this change even earlier.


When you do not attend a scheduled session without informing me at least 24 hours before the meeting time, it will not be possible to repeat that session. If you decide to continue the meetings, my recommendation would be a minimum of 6 coaching sessions. Since the aim of coaching is to create behavioral change, it will not be possible to reach this goal with shorter studies. I will share the information about the session fee, in our exploratory session.


Everything we discuss during the coaching sessions will remain confidential and private. Conditions in which I cannot fulfill confidentiality are exceptional circumstances where I am required by law to disclose, where there is a court order, or the risk of self-harm by the coachee.


Coaching practices are enriched by the attention and work of the participant. Determining your expectation before each session will make the study to be more beneficial.


I will ask you too many questions. Because, my intention, as a coach, is to listen in order to hear your actual potential, to support you to find your own answers, make choices and take action that will lead you to fulfillment in your transformation journey.


In our coaching sessions, I expect you to take full responsibility for all the tasks we decide together upon your saying YES. If you feel that an assignment is not meaningful or beneficial for our work, please reject it. I will try to remind you of this important point often.


Sometimes I will force, even challenge you. I trust that you will warn me if I go forward.


We will design our collaboration in the exploratory session and review it on an ongoing basis. You are always free to tell me what you expect from me as your coach or what you want to change regarding our process, and, I believe you will do so.


When you want to end the coaching, please inform me 2 sessions in advance. This will give us adequate time to conclude our works and consciously end our relationship.


As a nominee coach for the ACC title, I am committed to international professional coaching ethics and standards.


(International Coach Federation:

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