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"Join me on my transformation journey"

Everything starts with a decision...

Corporate coaching programs are designed not only for managers who think that they are below their potential but also for all managers who aim to improve themselves in risk management, employee management, and empathy.

During the program, we will be able to perform the sessions that I offer to shape according to the requirements of the institution, either individually or as a team. It should be known that executive coaching is not a one- time session. The program usually last 6-12 months, and the success of these relationships.

Everything starts with a decision…

Sometimes, our responsibilities, and expectations, failing at even what we do best can make us feel like there is a big wall in front of us. As you struggle with what is brought by the present, identifying future steps and make decisions becomes increasingly difficult. Reaching out to your inner leader to be ready when the moment comes and improve your management skills.

Transforming dreams into goals…

Big dreams always deserve to come true. Motivation is all you need to believe in this as a leader and improve your ability to inspire people with your communication. This motivation may sometimes require taking on a new or higher-level role, managing a new venture, or leading a change in the organization. Are you ready for this?

Gain an objective perspective…

Does being a manager require you to set boundaries on your emotions? What makes you think this may be that the team is too homogeneous or dysfunctional, or perhaps you lack the skills necessary to run the group organization. An objective perspective and an expert who can speak honestly with you, even on difficult matters, will make the greatest contribution to your personal transformation.

Grow your business…

What is the most important point that distinguishes successful leaders from others? Mindset, talent, or appropriate orientation? The best way to answer this question is to identify what you need in this process and even discover skills you were never aware of until today. This will enable you to increase your self-awareness, broaden your horizon and identify where you need to correct the course.

Be open to learning from others….

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. None of us have succeeded in fully maximizing our potential. Never stop learning is the ideal thing we can do to achieve this goal. Learning from others is not a passive process, contrary to popular belief, it is a process that requires our work and commitment. Well, how can we design this process in the most effective way?

Are you ready to change your life?
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Where Are You in Your Life?

I'm having trouble communicating with my daughter. I see myself quite far from her
world. How should I approach her? What do I need to change about myself? My mother
still interferes with my life. I'm struggling to draw my boundaries.

I see that I am obstructed in my work. My supervisor frequently criticizes me in front
of my colleagues. I want to talk to him/her about this but I don't know where to start. My
wife and I are always arguing about trivial matters. S/he doesn't understand me, or I
cannot express myself properly. I offered him/her together consulting a family coach.
S/he does not accept. How do I persuade her/him?

I have handed over my family business to my children, but they cannot manage it
the way I request. I want to intervene, I want to tell them about their mistakes, but they
are totally excluding me. I'm sad... There are so many things I haven't done... Am I late?

I'm about to finish university, I don't know how to jump into life? I'm so confused
between the options. I always argue with my father. He interferes with everything. He is
not aware that I get away from him as it continues in this way. But I don't want it to be
like this. What should I do?

I have come to a very important point in my relationship. But I cannot see the future.
I don't know what to do... I am angry with everyone. I always become the one who
loses. I'm tired... I want to make a change in my career path. Where should I start? I
don't know if I should do this?

Life passed so quickly, I feel like I have missed something. I have difficulty naming
this feeling. How can I name it? I feel like my son is getting away from me. I have
problems with his wife. We can't make a living. What should I do?

How does the society I live in see me? I don't want to keep up with this change. I'm
getting more and more lonely, will I die alone?

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